Purina Friskies Party Mix Chicken & Gravy Flavor

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  • Purina Friskies Party Mix Chicken & Gravy Flavor Crunchy Treats for Cats, Make every moment a reason to celebrate when you offer your cat Purina Friskies Party Mix Crunch Gravylicious Chicken Flavor cat treats.

    With tasty chicken flavor that feeds her cravings for poultry, these cat treats are sure to bring her running to your side as soon as you open a pouch. Savory gravy flavor enhances each cat treat to provide a meow-worthy snack that keeps her coming back for more.

    The crunchy texture of every gravy-licious treat helps to clean her teeth, while the unique shapes pique her interests at treat time. She gets the yumminess of gravy in every purr-worthy bite, and you get the satisfaction of knowing that you’re offering her a snack formulated with high-quality ingredients you can trust.