Pet Boarding for Dogs and Cats in Doha

Your pets are part of the family, but unfortunately, they can’t always come along when you go out of town and sometimes finding someone reliable to watch them can be a challenge. That’s where we come in. The Veterinary Surgery in Doha offers pet boarding for dogs, cats, and even some exotic pets so you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about your beloved pet. Not a current client of ours? No problem! We gladly offer our boarding services to patients and non-patients.

All of our dog and cat boarding guests are kept in well-ventilated areas (dogs and cats are kept separate) that are equipped with webcam monitoring. We also have a medical team available 24/7, so we can address any medical needs your pet may have while in our care. We can perform other procedures during your pet’s stay as well, including dental, grooming, and spaying/neutering. If your pet is on any long-term medication or has any special needs, please let us know. Our team would be happy to accommodate these needs.

Cat and Dog Boarding Cost

The Veterinary Surgery requires a 50% deposit to secure your pet’s space in our boarding facility. Please note, this deposit is non-refundable. For peak seasons (school holidays, Eid, Christmas, and New Year’s), make your deposit at least two months in advance of your cat’s boarding stay. Failure to do so will result in the reassignment of your pet’s space to another waiting list.

Pet Boarding for Dogs and Cats in Doha, Qatar

Dog Boarding Amenities

  • Temperature-controlled kennels (cleaned daily)
  • Two walks a day with our dedicated dog walkers
  • Royal Canin food (based on age and lifestyle)
  • Daily monitoring

Cat Boarding Amenities

  • Separate or shared kennels with warm towel
  • Cat litter
  • Royal Canin food (based on age and lifestyle)
  • Daily monitoring

Pet Health Exam Requirements

Upon your pet’s arrival to The Veterinary Surgery, a nurse gives your pet a full health exam to ensure there are no transferrable conditions present, such as ringworm, ear mites, or external parasites. To ensure the boarding area is free of fleas, ticks, and other parasites, we will also administer a dose of Frontline and a de-worming treatment upon arrival, which may be repeated if your pet is staying with us for more than six weeks. As part of your pet’s health exam, we will weigh him/her upon arrival and every week during his/her stay.

Cat Vaccination Requirements

All cats must be fully vaccinated against feline herpesvirus, calicivirus, and feline parvovirus, which are covered by the Tricat or Felovax vaccines. These cat vaccines should be given annually and must be updated for the duration of your cat’s stay. All cats must be current on their rabies vaccinations as well. If your cat is not current on his/her vaccinations, we’ll be happy to update them upon his/her arrival. We prefer that all required vaccines be up-to-date a week before boarding.

Dog Vaccination Requirements

All dogs must be fully vaccinated against distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, kennel cough, and rabies. These annual vaccinations must be current for the duration of your dog’s stay. If your dog is not current on his/her vaccinations, we’ll be glad to update them upon his/her arrival. We prefer that all required vaccinations be up-to-date a week before boarding.

Dog Tick Prevention Requirements

In the interests of avoiding tick transmission in dogs, and given the risks of Qatar’s tick-borne disease ehrlichiosis, both Frontline and an application of the Killtix collar are now mandatory year round for boarding. However, Amitraz collars or baths which affect the tick prior to attachment, afford a better standard of control than spot-on chemicals that rely on the tick feeding on the host to be effective. Combining both preventive options is even more effective, along with other adjuncts such as a good tick shampoo and premise spray. The aforementioned collars, along with Frontline, have proven to be the best combo prophylactic measure, which is why they are mandatory for dogs that board with us.

Cat & Dog Boarding Forms

For your convenience, we have made our boarding forms available online. Fill them out from home and save time in our hospital when you drop your pet off.

Pet Boarding Admission Form

Boarding Client Form

Boarding Terms & Conditions Form

Please give us a call if you have any questions about our dog and cat boarding prices, amenities, or policy or to book your pet’s stay at The Veterinary Surgery in Doha!