Pet Travel Tips in Doha

If you’re planning to travel by plane with your pet in the near future, The Veterinary Surgery in Doha would like to provide you with some pet travel tips that can help make the process as smooth as possible. Keep in mind that relocating a pet requires a great deal of planning. Whether you’ll be bringing your pet into Qatar or out of Qatar, read the following tips before you travel.

Pet Travel Tips in Doha, Qatar

As a requirement, you must transport your pet in a carrier/kennel approved by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). For your convenience, The Veterinary Surgery has IATA-approved carriers available for purchase. Although we recommend that only one animal is in each carrier, IATA regulations state that up to two animals can share a carrier if each animal weighs less than 14 kg (30 lbs.). All carriers must also:

  • Be large enough to allow the animal to stand up, turn around, and sit down in
  • Have a secure locking system with pins that extend beyond the horizontal extrusions above and below the door
  • Contain a water container, which must be accessible from outside the carrier
  • Have ventilation on all four sides
  • Include your contact information, along with your pet’s identification information (name, breed, etc.)
  • Also include your pet’s current health certificate

Whether your pet is traveling as your carry-on item or as cargo, he/she will be housed in a special pressurized, temperature-controlled cargo compartment, which is located at the rear of the plane.

Below is a list of the requirements for bringing a pet into Qatar from a different country:

Pet Vaccinations

  • Your pet must have been vaccinated for rabies within 12 months of the scheduled flight departure date.
  • If your pet is a dog, he/she must be current on his/her distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, and leptospirosis vaccinations.
  • If your pet is a cat, he/she must be current on his/her herpes virus, calicivirus (FCV), and feline parvovirus vaccinations.

Import Licensing

  • You must have an import license from the Animal Health Department, which is valid only for one month from the issue date.
  • The following documentation is required to issue an import license:
    • Rabies vaccination record, issued within the last 12 months
    • Copy of your passport and Qatari ID (if applicable)
  • Dogs only: Certain breeds may require additional licensing, so be sure to check if your dog’s breed falls in this category. We have the list of breeds that require additional licensing for travel here at The Veterinary Surgery. If your dog’s breed is not allowed in the country that you are entering, we can provide you with special approval. We can also help clear your pet upon arrival and deliver him/her to your doorstep.

Below are the requirements for bringing your pet out of Qatar and into a different country:

  • Check the animal transport requirements and regulations of the country you will be bringing your pet to. Also, keep in mind that they may vary from country to country and be subject to change.
  • All pets that leave Doha should have a physical exam, administered by a licensed veterinarian, four to eight days prior to your flight departure date. This is required for a health certificate (which is valid for only 14 days from the issue date) to be issued. Please bring the following items to the physical exam:
    • Your pet’s original vaccination records
    • Your passport
    • A copy of your Qatari ID

If you would like additional information on how to safely travel with your pet to and from Qatar, feel free to contact us at (974) 4436 7187 or via email at