Meet Our Staff

The Veterinary Surgery’s veterinarians are supported by team of over a dozen staff members who handle the various needs of our patients, clients, and facility. To learn more about our friendly team, click on the position categories below:

Al-Hussein Domaot

Veterinary Technician

Al-Hussein became one of our veterinary technicians in June 2015 and has a special interest in surgery, health monitoring, and administering treatment. He earned his Bachelor of Science and Arts degree from Mindanao State University and his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Central Mindanao University. Over the years, he has had many noteworthy experiences in the field, including providing care for big cats like cheetahs and tigers. He loves being a veterinary technician and considers it a noble duty to take care of creatures that can’t help themselves.

Al-Hussein is married and has a cat named Ottoman. In his spare time, he enjoys learning filmmaking and visual effects. He is also a Karate-do enthusiast.

Asma Mohamed atif Gimal Eldeen

Veterinary Technician

Asma has been part of our team since January 2014. Fueled by her love for pets, she earned her Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine in Egypt. She also earned her International Computer Driving License (ICDL). As one of our veterinary technicians, she now enjoys being part of a team that shares her love for pets. She especially loves working with dogs. In her spare time, she enjoys walking, drawing, and reading.

Huda Pathy Abdalla

Veterinary Technician

Huda is one of the veterinary technicians at The Veterinary Surgery. She has been part of our team since May 2014, after earning her Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine in Egypt. She has always loved pets, so pursuing a career as a veterinary technician was a natural choice for her. She also earned her International Computer Driving License (ICDL). When she’s not at work, she loves reading, walking, cooking, and crafting.

Elbie Abastillas

Veterinary Technician

Elbie joined our team in August 2016 as a veterinary technician. She attended Aklan State University in the Philippines, where she pursued her DVM. Elbie decided she wanted a career in the veterinary field because she had a desire to provide more than just emotional care for animals, she wanted to take it further and provide them with medical care and treatments when they’re sick. In fact, her favorite part about working at our practice is sending patients home happy and healthy, after they came to her sick.

Elbie has three dogs (Pogi, Siomai, and Bo), and in her free time she loves to play with them, read, watch movies, and get a good night’s sleep.

Edwin Turaini Hajihl

Kennel Attendant

Edwin is one of the kennel attendants at The Veterinary Surgery and works hard to make sure that the boarding area is clean and comfortable during every pet’s stay. Prior to joining our team, he earned an Associate in Industrial Technology (AIT) from Zamboanga City State Polytechnic College. When he’s not looking after dogs in the boarding facility, he cares for her own pet—a cat named Totocha—and spends time with his family.

Vilma Garduce


Vilma joined our team as a groomer in December 2006 and loves caring for the animals and making them look their best. She also loves making her clients happy. She earned a degree in agriculture from Zamboanga A.E. College and is married with three sons.

Y. Siddhartha


Siddhartha joined our team in February 2016, with several dog training and grooming awards under his belt. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Computel. As one of our groomers, he loves working with pets and helping them to be better companions by training and grooming them. At home, he cares for his own dogs and cats.

Charmine Amador

Administrative Assistant

Charmine joined The Veterinary Surgery in September 2014 after earning her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree in accounting management from the University of Makati. As one of our administrative assistants, she enjoys being able to help clients and meeting new people. She also loves assisting the veterinarians and her colleagues. Charmine is married with a daughter. She also has a dog. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and cleaning.

Emily Dominica Simon-King


Emily has been part of our receptionist team since October 2015. She studied to become a medical transcriptionist at MTC Academy of Davao in the Philippines. She chose to pursue a position in the veterinary field because of her interest in medicine and to become more familiar with the role of a doctor. She loves having knowledge of the evolution of the medical field and the exposure she receives to pharmacological and medical terminology. She also loves working with a great work force and with pets. Her own pets include two cats named Mau and Henry and three dogs named Tiny, George, and Tanya. In her spare time, she loves reading books, traveling, discovering music, and watching movies.

Mahmoud El Hossan

Pet Relocation Consultant

Mahmoud began working at The Veterinary Surgery in June 2005, after studying at Cairo University. As one of our pet relocation consultants, he helps pets travel safely and helps pet owners with the planning, including all the requirements. When he’s not at work, he spends time with his family and cares for her African grey.

Mohamed Abdalla Faragalla

Pet Relocation Consultant

Mohamed has been with part of The Veterinary Surgery’s team since December 2005. He received a degree in social service from the College of Social Service. As one of our pet relocation consultants, he loves being able to assist customers with their pet travel needs to make sure that every pet travels and arrives safely. He especially loves witnessing the happiness of clients when they receive their pets and being part of that process. Although cats are his favorite animal, he has a snake at home.

Hani El Hossan


Hani has been part of The Veterinary Surgery’s staff since December 2005. He earned his accounting degree from Cairo University. Although he deals with numbers all day, he also enjoys seeing the feline patients in particular; cats are his favorite animals. In his spare time, he enjoys watching television, playing games, and going out.

Matilda Desouza

Front Desk Officer

Inspired by her love for pets, Matilda joined our team in July 2012 after earning her Bachelor of Commerce degree from Indra Gandhi National Open High. She loves that every day is a new experience that allows her to learn something different. She also loves interacting with people from different parts of the world. She’s married and has two dogs named Pepr and Mac. In her free time, she loves spending time with friends, her dogs, camping, and dancing. She also prides herself on her ability to make people smile.

Juan C. Magnaye, Jr.

Facility Maintenance Person

Juan joined our team in August 2013 as one of our facility workers and cleaners. His primary responsibilities include cleaning the clinic as well as feeding the animals. He enjoys working with kind-hearted people, taking care of animals, and being a “big brother” for everyone. Juan is married with a son and enjoys singing and watching television with a cup of coffee in his spare time.

Soduhang Lingthep

Facility Maintenance Person

Soduhang has been part of The Veterinary Surgery’s team since July 2015. He attended Godawari College in Itahari, Nepal. As one of our facility cleaners, he keeps the recovery area clean for pets. He also walk the dogs, which he considers one of his favorite aspects of his position. When he’s not at work, he enjoys reading books, writing, and playing his guitar.