Pet Diagnostics in Doha

There are many pet conditions that a physical wellness exam alone can’t detect. Furthermore, your pet can’t speak to tell you what he/she is feeling. Therefore, veterinarians rely on advanced diagnostic services for internal examinations. The Veterinary Surgery in Doha maintains a full pet diagnostic center and in-house laboratory, where we perform X-rays and ultrasounds as well as several microscopic tests. For some conditions, we may use two more or more services together for a more accurate diagnosis.

Pet Diagnostics in Doha, Qatar

Digital Dog and Cat X-Rays (Radiography)

We use X-rays to examine bones, organs, and other internal structures of the body. Radiography is one of the most common diagnostic technology used in veterinary medicine to detect fractures, foreign bodies, and other conditions. Also, we have a digital dental X-ray unit, which allows us to view below the gum line where most dental problems are found. When compared to film radiography, digital X-rays provide a number of benefits to you, your pet, and our team, including:

  • Faster image production
  • Clearer and more detailed images
  • No need for harsh development chemicals
  • Images can be easily enhanced and shared digitally

Dog and Cat Ultrasound

Dog and cat ultrasound uses sound wave technology to safely, non-invasively examine the shape, size, and tissue density of a pet’s internal organs in real time. Though commonly used to detect pregnancy, we use it to detect other conditions as well, such as tumors. Often times, digital radiography complements ultrasound analysis.

In-House Laboratory at Our Animal Hospital

For your convenience and that of your pet, The Veterinary Surgery has a full in-house laboratory, where we can perform a number of microscopic tests, including:

  • Blood chemistry analyses
  • Culture and sensitivity tests
  • Rabies serology tests*

*We use rabies serology testing for animals that will be traveling to European countries. This is in collaboration with V.L.A Laboratory center and IDEXX center of UK for complete histology and histopathology tests. We send samples out on a daily basis via FedEx.

If you think your pet is in need of an advanced diagnostic exam at The Veterinary Surgery, give us a call at . or whatsap us on 66540013 Our team will be happy to help.