Helping the Doha, Qatar Community, One Pet at a Time

At The Veterinary Surgery in Doha, our love and passion for pets extend outside the walls of our building. Our veterinarians and staff love ALL pets. Whether an animal is a patient or not, part of our mission is to help pets by being involved in the community. Throughout the year, we lend our services to pets in need. Furthermore, we offer discounts on many of our services every week.

Community Involvement in Doha, Qatar

School Visits

We believe that responsible pet ownership begins with education about pet care, and often, the best time to acquire this education is a youth. That’s why our team visits various schools in the Doha area to speak to students about the importance of professional veterinary care for pets, including the need for wellness exams, spaying/neutering, and vaccinations. We also address the unique needs of cats and those of dogs. As a result, students understand the differences involved in caring for different species.

Low-cost Spaying for Street Cats

The feline population in Doha is high, and sadly, many street cats lose their lives every year as a result. To help control the feline population, The Veterinary Surgery offers spaying services at a reduced price for anyone who brings in a street cat. Spaying can not only lower the number of cats that are euthanized every year; it can also lower or even eliminate the risk of breast cancer, among other health conditions.

Low-cost Vaccinations for Street Cats 

Vaccinations help protect animals from potentially fatal viruses and disease, including rabies and feline leukemia (FeLV), making them an important component of preventive care for all pets. Street cats obviously spend most—if not all—of their lives outdoors, making them more susceptible to health problems, such as parasitic diseases. To protect street cats and prolong their lives, The Veterinary Surgery offers low-cost vaccinations throughout the year.