Cat and Dog Adoption in Doha, Qatar

Pet Rehoming in Doha, Qatar

Did you recently find a pet in need of a home? Are you a current pet owner, but no longer able to keep your pet in your home? There are many reasons that can force someone to have to rehome a pet; from leaving the country to allergies to financial issues. Perhaps you’re on the other end of the spectrum and seeking to adopt a homeless pet. Regardless of your situation, our cat and dog adoption services can help. The Veterinary Surgery in Doha’s goal is to help homeless pets find long-term, loving homes.

How Pet Rehoming Works

When a pet is brought to us in need of a home, we work to make them healthy and socialized. In turn, they become more adoptable. Therefore, we offer a rehoming package, which includes all required vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and any necessary treatments. Once a pet is ready for adoption, we display “Take Me Home” ads in our lobby area. Then, visitors can see what pets are available and, hopefully, take one (or more!) home. We also post photos of pets waiting for their forever homes on our Facebook page.

Because we want to ensure that every pet in our care finds a loving home with a family that will be a good match for his or her needs, we have a strict rehoming policy set in place. If someone expresses interest in adopting a pet, we discuss the adoption process, including all associated fees. We also have the person complete a pet rehoming questionnaire so we can learn more about the pet’s potential future owner. Some of the topics we address include living situation, other members in the household, lifestyle, other pets in the home, and our recommendations for long-term veterinary care.

Pet Rehoming Success Stories

We are pleased to announce that The Veterinary Surgery in Doha has successfully rehomed dozens of homeless pets to loving families, and we hope to rehome dozens more! Although our team often gets attached to the animals in our care, we’re always happy when a pet is able to receive love and affection in the comfort of a home. You can read about some of our pet rehoming happy endings on our Success Stories page.

If you have a pet that needs to be rehomed, or if you’d like to adopt a pet in need of a loving home, please contact us at . Our team will be happy to help you!