Alcott Flexi-ble Adventure Retractable Tape Dog Leash – Pink

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This is the only retractable flexi leash we use in the Lucky Pet house, it allows our girls the freedom to sniff around in parks that are not fenced in, and the peace of mind that they won’t run off.

The Alcott flexi retractable Adventure leash does not slip out of your hand, thanks to the soft rubberised handle. It’s easy to lock if you need to lock the leash quickly.

Built with high quality materials and construction methods, this leash can handle any adventure environment long walk after long walk… we guarantee it!

Alcott Retractable Leash for Cats – Yes absolutely!
If you have an indoor kitty that it scratching to get out, give them the opportunity with a long leash to appease their inner hunter!

Intuitive Brake + Lock System

Alcott have designed the brake + lock buttons to work with your natural walking motion and your dog’s walking tendencies.

  • Push the brake down to stop the leash from extending any further.
  • Pull the lock button back to lock the leash at any length.
  • Push the lock forward to release it so the leash can retract freely.

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