Size Health Nutrition Maxi Adult 15 KG

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ROYAL CANIN® Maxi Adult food is specially formulated with your dog’s nutritional needs in mind.

This food is suitable for large dogs aged 15 months and over – with an adult weight ranging between 26-44kg. For large dogs, bones and joints can be a particular sensitivity,

therefore maintaining your dog’s joint health is crucial for the wear and tear it may face due to its size.

ROYAL CANIN® Maxi Adult food will help maintain an ideal weight that your dog can comfortably support.

ROYAL CANIN® Maxi dog food contains an exclusive formula to help maintain your dog’s digestive health. What’s more, it’s enriched with omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA),

Key Features/Benefits:

    • High digestibility
    • Bone & joint support
    • Omega-3: EPA & DHA