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bravecto is the first oral chew to provide up to 12 weeks of protection against fleas and ticks. One chew provides broad-spectrum and long-lasting protection that starts to kill fleas within 2 hours and controls 4 tick species (black-legged tick, American dog tick, brown dog tick, and lone star tick). Bravecto eliminates current flea infestations and prevents new ones from developing for 12 weeks.

With one chew, Bravecto is easier to give and less to worry about for you!

This is an Australian labelled pack and due

to a manufacturer restriction can’t be shipped to the United States

Bravecto Chew

For: Dogs and puppies (over 4.4 lbs and 6 months of age or older)

• One chew is effective for 12 weeks – nearly 3 times longer than monthly doses
• Starts working within 2 hours

to kill fleas and treat and control ticks
• No more monthly dosing, messy topicals or fussy collars!
• Tasty oral chew your dog will take as a treat

•Unlike topical applications,

there’s no need to separate pets after giving your dog Bravecto

How it works: 
After giving your dog Bravecto, the medication quickly reaches tissue fluids under your dog’s skin. When fleas and ticks feed on your dog,

they ingest Bravecto and die.

Bravecto kills fleas, prevents flea infestations and kills ticks(black-legged tick, American dog tick, and brown dog tick)for 12 weeks.

also kills lone star ticks for 8 weeks.

Flea Control with BravectoBravecto vs. Spinosad + Amitraz for flea control over 12 weeks

Not for human use.

Keep this and all drugs out of the reach of children.

Keep the product in the original packaging until use,

Do not eat, drink or smoke while handling the product. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water immediately after use of the product.